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Java Boxes Game
'Boxes' is a puzzle game. Load the boxes on to the truck as they appear in the top-right. When a triangle appears above a box, unload it on to the conveyor belt. A box may be stacked on top of another, providing the length and width of its base do not exceed the length and width of the base of the bottom box.

To move a box, click on it and drag it to where you want it to go.

If you fail to load a box on to the truck before another box appears, it is game over. Click here to launch the game in a pop-up window.

The game is free for you to download and put on your website. Click here to download the java applet. Use the following code to display the applet on your site:

<APPLET CODE="boxes.class" ARCHIVE="boxes.jar" WIDTH=430 HEIGHT=361></APPLET>
Make sure that the page where the applet is displayed, and the applet itself, are saved in the same folder. My website address is displayed in the applet. An identical applet, without my address, is available for purchase for US$9.99 through paypal. The applet is available for immediate download upon successful completion of payment. It can be displayed multiple times, on one website only. Please use the same HTML code as above.
Boxes - $9.99