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For developers: To view the documentation for the game, click here.
Java Pool Java Pool
To add spin, move the cross on the cue ball in the top-right corner.

To adjust the power of the shot, change the height of the yellow bar.

To take the shot, left-click the cue ball in the bottom-right corner.

Potted balls will appear to the left of the power bar.

Select either a two-player game, a one-player game (versus the computer) or a computer-versus-computer game. You can change the skill level of the computer player by adjusting the bar below the one-player game option.
Java Pool
To line up your shot, place the cursor near the line, and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the line to the direction in which you want the cue ball to travel.
Java Pool
To zoom in on any ball, right click on it.

If you click on the cue-ball-direction-line inside the zoom box, you can control it the same way as you would in normal mode. This helps in lining up your shots more accurately.

To make the zoom box disappear, right-click anywhere inside the box.

Java Pool
To hit any ball dead centre, left-click on the ball. The cue ball gains natural topspin as it travels towards the coloured ball. For straight pots, use backspin to prevent the cue ball from being potted.
Java Pool
Java Pool
To replay the last shot, use the replay buttons in the bottom-left corner. The buttons are rewind, stop, pause and play. To exit the replay mode at any time, click the stop button.

To exit the game at any time and return to the menu screen, click the button in the top-left corner.

To launch the game in a popup window, click here.

The game is free for you to download and put on your website. Click here to download the java applet. Use the following code to display the applet on your site:

<APPLET CODE="Applet1.class" ARCHIVE="pool.jar" WIDTH=615 HEIGHT=350></APPLET>
Make sure that the page where the applet is displayed, and the applet itself, are saved in the same folder. My website address is displayed in the applet. An identical applet, without my address, is available for purchase for US$9.99 through paypal. The applet is available for immediate download upon successful completion of payment. It can be displayed multiple times, on one website only. Please use the same HTML code as above.
British Pool